Wording for Your Custom Halloween Wedding Invitations

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Love dressing up? Got a bit of a spooky streak? Maybe a Halloween wedding is for you! I love the idea of creating custom Halloween wedding invitations. There are lots of different ways to word them, from traditional to themed. Here are a few of the best ideas I’ve seen recently:


A Halloween-themed wedding doesn’t have to be all camp. Halloween lends itself to a vintage aesthetic quite well! Have a Victorian-era masquerade ball. To let your guests in on the fun, word your invitations thusly:

Mr. and Mrs. Damien Finkelstein
Mr. and Mrs. Casper Skellington
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of their children
Sally Sue
Jack Jonathan
on Saturday, the thirty first of October
two thousand and fifteen
at five o’clock in the evening
Spiral Hill
1313 Graveyard Lane
Halloween Town, Hinterlands

Masquerade Ball to follow in the Halloween Town Ballroom.

Ball gowns, tuxedos and masks highly encouraged.


Halloween is the perfect day for your Harry Potter wedding! Check out The Knot for some amazing Harry Potter wedding inspiration. Here’s an example of wording for a Marauder’s Map invitation:

We Solemnly Swear We’re Up To No Good

Harry Potter
Ginny Weasley
request the pleasure of your company
on their wedding day
Saturday, October 31st
at 5:00 PM

Hogwarts Castle, Scotland

Reception to follow.


Want to scare the pants off your guests? Use spooky wording on your invitations to let your guests know they’ll be in for a thrill:

When ‘Till Death Do us Part’ isn’t long enough…

You are invited to witness
a night of the living wed.

Together with their parents, Betelgeuse and Lydia Deetz
invite you to share in the beginning of their new life as husband and wife…
…if you dare!

Saturday, October 31, 2015
at dusk, 5:00 PM

The Maitland House
666 Downing Street
Corinth, Connecticut

Haunted reception to follow. Costumes encouraged.

 These are just a few examples of the fun you can have with custom Halloween wedding invitations. Contact me to discuss your plans, and we’ll come up with something that’s perfect for you!

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