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Yay, it’s finally Tuesday, October 4th!  A day that a few of you have been waiting for!
Let me say, it is with happy hearts that WE (Melania + April) can even do a contest for you guys.  We were SO overwhelmed with the response and your comments have all been so sweet and extremely humbling.  We are happy to be able to do something like this and give back to our friends who have supported us through this journey.  There is NO way we’d be here if it wasn’t for you sharing our page with your friends and for your business. Your words and actions mean the world to both of us.
Realistically, we could go on and on like we’ve just won the Academy Award for being awesome, but let’s be real … one of YOU is the big winner.
We’ve had a total of  76 comments.  66 came in via the Melania Marta Photography blog, and the rest came via e-mails stating the second blog comment wouldn’t go through for whatever reason.  So we’ve compiled the entries and …..
We’re both super excited to work with you!!  Please contact Melania for your shoot!
Again, we want to thank you all for entering, sharing, and being with us.  Don’t fret … we’ll do this again sometime!  We love you!!!!!  ***BIG SLOPPY INTERNET KISSES** for all of you!

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