What NOT to Include in Custom Wedding Invitations



I’ve spent a lot of time advising my clients, at our consultations and in blog posts, about what to write on their custom wedding invitations. I haven’t really taken the time to talk about what not to include. Sometimes that can be even more important!

Here are a few things that I advise you skip when creating your custom wedding invitations:

Registry Information 

Lots of places will give you a registry card, which I guess you’re meant to include in your invitation suite. I have no idea why, because as far as I know, it’s always been considered tacky to include registry information on your invitations. I made a post about it last year, in fact.

Most guests will assume you’re registered somewhere, and will take it upon themselves to find out. One thing you can do to help them out: list your wedding website address on your wedding invitations. It’s perfectly acceptable to link to your registry on the site.

“No Children”

If you’ll have a child-free wedding, let that fact be implied. Otherwise, you risk alienating your guests. You can address the invitations to just the parents, and on your reply cards, imply the maximum number of guests: something like, “___ of 2 will attend”. Most people will take the hint.

Alcohol Details

Your guests’ attendance shouldn’t hinge on whether or not there will be an open bar! Don’t list details about alcohol on your wedding invitations. At best, it’s irrelevant–at worst, its implications are unsavory. If you’re going alcohol-free, and you’re worried people will be surprised, feel free to let the news spread via word of mouth. It’s a more reliable medium than you’d think!

We’ve covered three of the things you definitely shouldn’t include on your invitations. If you have questions about what you should include, feel free to schedule a consultation with me! Bring your ideas, your inspiration, and your questions.

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