How to Dress for a Wedding with The Black Tux

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I discovered one of the coolest companies recently, and I knew I had to share them with you. So many of my friends turn to Rent the Runway when they have a party or wedding with any dress code, but I’ve always wondered what the gents might be able to do if they don’t have the attire on hand. There are a number of big box stores that exist, but so many of my couples and friends really value style. And then I found The Black Tux.


This company is awesome! You can pop online and rent a completely styled suit or tux straight from their website, which is fantastic. When I say, “it’s styled,” I mean it’s styled. Suit, tie, shirt, pocket square – The Black Tux team sends the works in the mail! Once you choose your favorite look, you simply enter your measurements online, and your ready-to-wear outfit arrives on your doorstep a full two weeks prior to your event. You’re able to try it on and contact The Black Tux team if something isn’t quite right. They’ll offer their best fix, and you will be ready to go. Post event, place everything back into the prepaid box and send it back. Events and weddings are now even easier to attend, guys!


Not only can you rent a suit or tux if you’re attending a wedding (or if you’re the groom!), but your wedding party can rent one too. You choose the style you would like all of the guys to wear, add everyone’s names and contact information, pay for one look (the groom’s will do!), and all of your suits are reserved for you. Plus, you can track who has placed their order (and then call the guys who are falling behind)! Wedding dress made easy.


One of the questions my couples ask the most when we’re designing their custom wedding invitations is how to decipher the different ways of asking your guests to dress. White tie, black tie, black tie optional? We always run through them all, but I thought this graphic The Black Tux team sent over was too helpful not to share! Make sure to add it to your wedding Pinterest board and pass it on to your friends, too.


And with that, have a WONDERFUL Christmas, friends!


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