Wedding Attire Wording for Your Philadelphia Wedding Invitations


Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Glitter Snow Wedding Invitations

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Glitter Snow Wedding Invitations

Weddings come with a specific set of etiquette guidelines. As a guest, it can be difficult to discern what’s expected of you. It can be even harder for the bride and groom to communicate those expectations! You don’t want to be too demanding, but you also want to get the idea across. It’s usually a good idea to make some dress specifications on your Philadelphia wedding invitations. I can help you with wording your dress code request along with the rest of your invitation. Here are a few suggestions:

Traditional Attire Wording

If your dress code will be relatively straightforward, it should be safe to stick with the old standbys. “Black tie” means tuxedos and formal gowns, while “Formal, black tie optional” means a suit and tie and dresses for the ladies. “Semi-formal” means a suit and tie and cocktail dresses, “cocktail attire” means suits and party dresses, “Beach Attire” or “Garden Party Dress” means summer suits and sundresses and “Smart Casual” or “Business Casual” means button-downs or polos and sundresses, skirts, or pants with a nice blouse.

Add a P.S.

If you have a specific suggestion or request, add a P.S.! A good example is if your wedding will be on a lawn, and you want to warn the ladies against wearing heels that will sink into the grass. Or if your ceremony¬†will be outside during the summer or late autumn, and you want to advise people to dress for the weather. Your invitations aren’t the place to get into anything more elaborate than that. Keep it short and sweet!

Link to Your Wedding Website

If you have more complicated requests, your wedding website is a great place to direct people. Many people wish for guests to dress according to their wedding’s theme. If you’re having a Halloween wedding, a steampunk wedding, or a masquerade ball, post some examples of the kinds of things you want people to wear. You can do it in a cute way, with a “wear this, not that” infographic, or an adorable costume guide. Just¬†remember: you only expect so much from people. You can encourage, but you can’t enforce!

What will your dress code be? How will you tell your guests? Tell me about your ideas in the comments!

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