Using Color On Your Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations

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Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Pink Glitter Rose Bouquet with Rhinestones

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Pink Glitter Rose Bouquet with Rhinestones


I get lots of questions about color when I’m designing Philadelphia custom wedding invitations for my clients. Most people come to me with an idea of what their wedding colors will be. If you’re still narrowing it down, deciding on the color scheme of your wedding invitations can help.

Contact April Lynn Designs to set up a consultation with us! We’ll help you figure out the perfect color combination. In the meantime, here are a few trends that I’ve been seeing on Philadelphia custom wedding invitations and other stationery:


Pink is one of the most versatile wedding colors. I’ve used it on tons of invitations: blush pink, rose pink, preppy pink, and vibrant hot pink. It can be combined with almost any other colors to make a palette that suits any theme. Navy and pink are perfect for a nautical wedding like Ashley and Chris’s, while white, silver, and blush pink are perfect for a fairy-tale romantic wedding like Althea and Saleem’s. A strong shade of pink can be combined with virtually any neutral color, and a less assertive shade can offset a deeper color.


Ombré is one of the hottest wedding color trends right now. I’ve been seeing it on cakes, decor, bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, and especially stationery! I find it’s best to use ombré on one or two details rather than making it the theme of your wedding. Wedding stationery is the perfect medium for ombre. You can shade two of your wedding colors into one another, or pick one of your colors and have it graduate from light to dark.


It’s no secret that I love glitter! Even if it doesn’t factor into your wedding’s theme, it’s still a great way to use your colors on your wedding stationery. A glittery cardstock will really add some pizzazz to your invitations, and a glittery bellyband will tie everything together with some sparkle without overwhelming a bolder color palette.

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