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Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Glitz + Glam Wedding Invitations With Script + Sans Serif Fonts

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Glitz + Glam Wedding Invitations With Script + Sans Serif Fonts

What kind of wedding will you have? Your custom wedding invitations are your guests’ first inkling of your wedding’s style. Modern brides love sophisticated details with a touch of urban sleekness. Patterns, textures, and fun color combinations are a must, as are clean lines. Here are a few things to think about if your wedding invitations will have a modern aesthetic:

Modern Type

Modern typefaces, ironically, arrived on the scene in the mid 18th century. They’re still identifiable as modern in today’s world, though. Typefaces like Bodoni and Didot are characterized by extreme contrast between thin and thick lines. They have a vertical stress, which means that the thick-to-thin transition of the lettering runs top-to-bottom, and lowercase letters have flat, thin, horizontal serifs.

Modern wedding invitations typically combine typefaces–a serif with a sans serif, a serif with a script, or all three mixed in together. Punctuation also frequently makes a statement. An ampersand or plus sign with your names on either side communicates that this wedding is about your union!

Modern Colors

Love bright colors and unexpected combinations? A modern wedding might just be for you! I love coral and teal right now, but if you’re in more of a metallic phase, gold and black are also very nice together. Silver and blue make a statement for a winter wedding. You can warm that pallette up with a splash of fuchsia here and there. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with black and white. It’s a classic color combination for a reason, and you can add a third color for extra fun: red, for example, or yellow.

Modern Assembly

The traditional wedding invitation consists of four pieces: the invitation, the reply card, the accommodations info card, and the bellyband that holds it all together. With a modern wedding, you can get creative! A single card–just the invitation–is a minimalist statement. Surprise your guests by having a bright pattern printed on the back! Alternately, you can go with a thicker bellyband or a pocketfold.

Are you planning a modern wedding, or will your custom wedding invitations have a different look? Tell me your ideas in the comments!

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