Top 5 Wedding Trends I Hope to See in 2017

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It’s hard to believe it’s already October! Between the busyness of wedding season (it’s wonderfully longer every year it seems!) and the quick pace of 2016 in general, I can’t quite believe I’m already looking ahead to 2017. But, here I am! Brides, Bridal Guide, and Fashionista have already released a peek into the details, moments, and styles they each respectively think will trend next year, and I thought I would add my own spin. Today, I’m sharing my top five things I would love to see trend next year.


1. New Color Palettes: I absolutely love blush and gold just as much as each and every other wedding professional; however, I would love to see new colors on the trending docket. Perhaps shades of blue, purple, red, emerald, and all things metallic will trend next year. Copper is definitely on my radar, and I’m very much obsessed with darker, moodier fall palettes. These should trend all year!


2. Heirloom Details: We all see mentions of these, and I always love the stories behind them. I place tremendous value in the relationships I’ve been so fortunate to share with my grandparents, and I love when couples opt to share the stories of their family throughout their wedding details. From jewelry to photos, vows to reception locations, and even invitation wording, I so hope couples reach beyond just including vintage and instead delve deeper into familial details with deep meaning.


3. Modern & Industrial Spaces: Brides mentioned this in their post, and I wholeheartedly agree – I would love to design more suites for couples marrying or simply celebrating in industrial spaces. Exposed brick can give off a feeling of warmth and history, and exposed ceilings and completely open spaces offer a chance for a full transformation (an event planner can work wonders in these cases!). Front & Palmer is one of my favorite venues with this exact vibe in Philadelphia.


4. Less Social Media: Don’t get me wrong, I love social media! It’s a wonderful way to share memories and moments, and creating unique hashtags is always a fun challenge. However, I also love when couples kindly ask guests to put their phones away and allow photographers and videographers to capture the moments instead. In those moments I find the pressure to take the “perfect” photo is taken off of guests’ shoulders, and oftentimes they find themselves simply enjoying the wedding experience. When you’re able to stay in the moment, you often remember it that much more!


5. Foil Stamping: I realized how much I’ve used foil stamping in my designs this year. It makes save the dates, invitations, and day of stationery pieces have such a lush and luxurious feel. I can’t wait for this detail to continue in 2017 and far beyond. I would love to include this detail in your custom stationery pieces.

There you have it – the five trends I hope to see in the coming months and year ahead. What do you think? Let me know in the comments, or hop over to Facebook and leave a note.

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