Top 10 2020 Stationery Trends

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Laser Cut Wedding Invitation |

One of the highlights of designing stationery is uncovering each couple’s personal style through their paper preferences, and I learned so much throughout 2019. It was a banner year filled with new styles, details, and color palettes, and this year is already shaping up to be equally as incredible. Rather than claiming there is one single detail I expect to trend throughout 2020, I thought I would share a personal top 10! Keep reading below to learn what to expect from monograms, new materials, laser cut pieces, colors, and so much more.

Classic Two Letter Monogram Wedding Invitation |

Classic Designs + Two Letter Monograms

Over the past few years, I have seen a major return of the two-letter monogram. And, I love it! Couples like that it’s not as formal as a three-letter monogram or a single letter monogram that would serve as an ode to their new shared last name. Instead, the two-letter monogram most often pairs the first initial of each partner’s first name – a move that still looks formal, aesthetically speaking, but one that’s also equally as approachable.

Along with two letter monograms, I have also seen an uptick in requests for classic invitation designs. Black, ivory, and gold color palettes paired with gold foil, letterpress, or even digital printing continue to reign supreme. Combining any of these details with a layered invitation design and block and script fonts is still timeless, and I don’t expect that to change in 2020 and beyond.

Floral Wedding Invitation |

Florals on Invitations

I don’t think there is ever a season when florals aren’t appropriate! They instantly offer a romantic and feminine touch to any invitation suite, and I have definitely been designing plenty of save the dates, invitations, and day of stationery with them included. I’m always excited when couples are drawn to watercolor-inspired florals. They always have a garden-inspired feel, which is particularly lovely for weddings hosted during the spring and summer.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitation |

Laser Cut Designs

If you’re searching for a way to make your wedding invitation feel even more luxurious, laser cut is one way to wow your guests! The effect is created when paper is, literally, laser cut, and the result is a creation that is often reminiscent of gates. There are pre-made laser cut designs, or we can create a custom design – the options are endless! It’s always fun to see the rest of your invitation peering through the laser cut, and it’s one of the ultimate ways to send your guests mail they won’t soon forget.

Vellum and Wax Seal Wedding Invitation |

Vellum Wraps + Wax Seals

The best way to describe vellum is to say it’s similar to a screen. Most often when vellum is used, it’s wrapped on the outside of the invitation. Because it’s available in plenty of color ways, it’s a wonderful way to begin to introduce guests to your color palette. Because it does require an adhesive for it to close, I often recommend pairing vellum with wax seals. Wax seals are a classic and timeless detail, and they are a great spot for details, like florals, or your monogram, especially a one or two-letter monogram, to appear. Of course, vellum (and wax seals!) can also be used as an envelope or as a protective layer over laser cut.

Emerald Green Velvet Wedding Program |


At the end of 2019, Classic Blue was announced as Pantone’s Color of the Year. I am seeing plenty of blue in the works for 2020, but another color that deserves a big nod is green. From light to emerald and hunter green, I am designing many pieces using these shades. I also love using emerald green velvet in invitation suites and wedding day details. It’s particularly gorgeous for wedding programs!

Modern Metallic Geometric Wedding Invitation |

Geometric Designs

Modern invitation suites are definitely having a moment, and I think that’s due to the fact that there are plenty of modern wedding venues in Philadelphia. To make a suite feel even more modern, I have recently experienced more couples wanting to add geometric details to their invitations. To add more flair, it’s also fun to create geometric designs using metallic shades, like gold, rose gold, copper, and silver.

Sage Green Acrylic Wedding Invitation |

Nontraditional Materials

Not every couple wishes to have their wedding invitations printed onto paper. Instead, I have worked with many couples who want to print onto nontraditional materials. When something a little different is mentioned, we then turn to textures like acrylic, wood, leather and even velvet. The result is something unique, which I love because I always feel as though we are truly pushing the stationery design envelope forward in new ways. Pro Tip: If you wish to have your wedding invitations printed onto something other than paper, be prepared for higher postage costs due to the increase in weight. It’s safe to say it’s worth it though!

Cairnwood Estate Custom Venue Illustration Wedding Invitation |

Venue Illustrations

For a true nod to your wedding’s location and a detail that will feel like an art piece, I cannot recommend custom venue illustrations enough. Together, we will decide on the best spot to place an illustration. However, the most commonly requested areas are on the front of your main invitation piece, on your Reception card, or as a liner in your invitation’s envelope. The last option – the envelope – always feels the most unexpected, which makes the appearance of beautiful art even more striking!

Which 2020 stationery trend are you most excited to see? And, which trend do you think you will incorporate into your save the dates, wedding invitations, or day of stationery? Chime in below or contact me to start on your custom stationery!

*All photos are by Haley Richter Photography unless otherwise watermarked. 

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