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Philadelphia Custom Wedding Stationery | Wish Upon A Wedding Thank Yous

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Stationery | Wish Upon A Wedding Thank Yous

Thank you notes are something of a dying tradition. That’s a shame, but look at it this way: they’re extra meaningful now! Their recipients will know that you were thinking of them. Not only that–they’ll know you took the time to sit down and put your thoughts on paper. Even if the thank you note isn’t as much of a mainstay as it once was, it still has its place, especially when it comes to custom wedding stationery.

If you’re not a frequent thank you writer, that’s okay! Here are a few questions I’m frequently asked about them, to help you venture into the wonderful world of thank yous:

When should I order my custom thank you notes?

As I went over in this post, thank yous are the final stage in the wedding process. That doesn’t mean you should put off ordering them until the last minute, though! If you’re not planning on including one of your wedding photos on the thank you notes, order them at the same time as your day-of stationery. That way, we can carry over the fonts and colors. Otherwise, order them as soon as you’ve received the photo you want to use.

When should I send my thank you notes? 

There’s a saying when it comes to wedding thank yous: “better late than never”! The guideline is to send them as soon as gifts start arriving, or at least 6-8 weeks after the wedding. Your guests will understand if it takes a bit more time, especially if they get personal, handwritten cards with a photo from your wedding on the front!

Do I need to handwrite my thank you notes?

You absolutely should. A pre-printed card just won’t cut it, especially for the amount that guests typically shell out for wedding gifts. I get it, typing something out is so much easier, but it’s also impersonal. Think of something brief, yet heartfelt to write.

What should I write?

Check out this post for some guidelines!

I have lots more thoughts on thank yous, but those will have to wait for another day–and another post! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have about thank yous (or anything else stationery-related).

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