Start Your Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations Early!

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Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Autumn Lovebirds Invitation

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Autumn Lovebirds Invitation

Designing and printing Philadelphia custom wedding invitations is a lengthy process. The more time you can allot for this process, the better–that way, you can make as many changes as you want, and still have time left over for proofreading, addressing, and stamping them.

Your Consultation

Your wedding invitations should align with your wedding’s theme, and are one of the final details you’ll decide on. Still, the earlier you and I can meet, the better! Shoot for a minimum of six months before your date for our initial design consultation. Rush jobs aren’t out of the question, but it’s always better to have more time to make sure everything’s perfect.

Time For Your Custom Design

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Pink Wedding Invitation

Our design turnaround time is pretty quick–around three – four weeks for a custom design. We’ll check in regularly to ensure our initial design concepts continue to be in line with your vision, and we will present up to three invitation designs for your review. We’ll decide on colors, paper and the printing process, as well.


Once I submit your digital pdf proofs to you, you have the opportunity to make up to three rounds of revisions. This is one point in the design process that many people don’t think about, but if you’re detail-oriented like me, you’ll want to make at least one or two little tweaks.

Most importantly, have one or two people to help you go over wording and spelling with a fine-toothed comb. If you try to do it yourself, you’ll definitely succumb to what I like to call “editor’s exhaustion”: when you stop being able to see mistakes from reading something for too long.


Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Mexican Tile Letterpress Wedding Invitation

I try not to make guarantees about the printing process for wedding invitations up-front, because it can vary depending on the  process. Printing wedding invitations can take as little as two weeks, or it can take up to six.


At minimum, you will need one week’s time for addressing your invitations yourself.  If you’re using a calligrapher–and I recommend you do–they will need two to three weeks to get the job done. It’s considered a best practice to send the invitations 8 weeks before the wedding, which is why I recommend starting the design process as soon as possible.



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