Signature Cocktails

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A signature cocktail is a great way to welcome guests to your reception. It’s also a great compromise if you aren’t budgeting for an open bar. Free wine and beer are considered standard, but if you have one cocktail that your guests don’t have to pay for, they won’t complain if you decline to foot the bill for liquor.


Something Blue

A few couples save their “something blue” for the reception. The secret is Blue Curacao! It’s an orange-flavored liqueur that can be used to make Blue Margaritas, but it can be used to make tons of other drinks. Try a Blue Kamikaze or a Coco Snowball.

Hpnotiq is another wonderful blue liqueur. It’s an ingredient in the aptly-named Something Blue.


Are you a DIY kind of couple? If so, you can make your own drink to serve your guests! Limoncello is a great after-dinner aperitif. The entire process of making it takes a few weeks, but the recipe is actually pretty simple. All you need are a whole bunch of lemons, a bottle or two of overproof grain alcohol (like everclear), sugar, and water.

Like every traditional Italian dish, every family has their own recipe. This one seems pretty solid, although some recommend finely zesting the lemon peels instead of using a vegetable peeler.

Spring Flowers

Did you know certain flowers are edible? Nothing says “spring” like blossoms floating in your cocktails! This marigold cocktail, courtesy of Anthropologie, makes use of a marigold tea, a marigold syrup, gun, champagne, and a bit of thyme. Garnish it with a few whole marigold blossoms.

Pansies are edible, too! They make a gorgeous garnish for just about any drink–try dropping them in Lemon Drops or floating one on top of a Bramble. Other edible flowers that make great cocktail garnishes include roses, orchids, daisies, and lavender.

What will your signature cocktail be? Let’s talk about it at our consultation! Schedule yours today.

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