Sara + Brandon’s Wedding Invitation Suite

Wedding Invitations

Sara married Brandon on February 20, 2016 surrounded by friends and family in Idaho. Their wedding day began at the Cathedral of the Rockies for their ceremony. Then S+B were accompanied by their guests to the Stueckle Sky Center at Boise State University for their reception.

During their consultation, Sara mentioned her greatest wish for their invitation suite was for it to be as glamorous as possible. With that, I turned to bling! The invitation suite began by printing purple foil stamping onto white metallic paper. The glamour continued by wrapping a purple satin ribbon around the invitation layer and topping the piece with a standout detail – a sparkly broach. The complete invitation layer was mounted onto white metallic paper, and a packed on the back housed all of the purple and white inserts! Note: Asking guests to note their favorite song on a response card is a great way to build a playlist with your DJ or band that will encourage guests to fill the dance floor!

There is so much more for you to see from this elegant, glamorous, bling-filled invitation suite captured by Lauren Driscoll Photography. Don’t miss it all of the details below!

April_Lynn_Designs_Sara_Brandon_Silver_Glitter_Purple_Foil_Bling_Luxury_Wedding_Invitation_Boise_Steuckle_Sky_Center14 April_Lynn_Designs_Sara_Brandon_Silver_Glitter_Purple_Foil_Bling_Luxury_Wedding_Invitation_Boise_Steuckle_Sky_Center1 April_Lynn_Designs_Sara_Brandon_Silver_Glitter_Purple_Foil_Bling_Luxury_Wedding_Invitation_Boise_Steuckle_Sky_Center2 April_Lynn_Designs_Sara_Brandon_Silver_Glitter_Purple_Foil_Bling_Luxury_Wedding_Invitation_Boise_Steuckle_Sky_Center6 April_Lynn_Designs_Sara_Brandon_Silver_Glitter_Purple_Foil_Bling_Luxury_Wedding_Invitation_Boise_Steuckle_Sky_Center8 April_Lynn_Designs_Sara_Brandon_Silver_Glitter_Purple_Foil_Bling_Luxury_Wedding_Invitation_Boise_Steuckle_Sky_Center12 April_Lynn_Designs_Sara_Brandon_Silver_Glitter_Purple_Foil_Bling_Luxury_Wedding_Invitation_Boise_Steuckle_Sky_Center7 April_Lynn_Designs_Sara_Brandon_Silver_Glitter_Purple_Foil_Bling_Luxury_Wedding_Invitation_Boise_Steuckle_Sky_Center13 April_Lynn_Designs_Sara_Brandon_Silver_Glitter_Purple_Foil_Bling_Luxury_Wedding_Invitation_Boise_Steuckle_Sky_Center10 April_Lynn_Designs_Sara_Brandon_Silver_Glitter_Purple_Foil_Bling_Luxury_Wedding_Invitation_Boise_Steuckle_Sky_Center11 April_Lynn_Designs_Sara_Brandon_Silver_Glitter_Purple_Foil_Bling_Luxury_Wedding_Invitation_Boise_Steuckle_Sky_Center3

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