Philadelphia Stationery Design Tips For Menus


Philadelphia Stationery Design | Sparkly Confetti Menus By April Lynn Designs

People always get excited about wedding invitations, but there are so many other aspects of Philadelphia stationery design to get excited about. Menus, for example, can be so much fun! There are tons of different ways to design them–and truth be told, I kind of like getting a sneak peek of what you and your guests will be eating.

Here are a few pointers I have for menu design:

Keep It Simple

Philadelphia Stationery Design | Sparkly Confetti Menus By April Lynn Designs

First and foremost, your menu is for your guests. Keep that in mind when designing it, and make sure it’s not too busy or hard to read. Also, I love elaborate calligraphy as much as the next stationery designer, but use it sparingly! Not everyone is able to easily read that gorgeous, scrolling lettering.

Stick to swirls and curves for headings and titles, and accent more complex patterns with more modern fonts. Sans serif fonts are perfect for accenting calligraphy and other, more complex fonts.

Make It Special

Philadelphia Stationery Design | Night Moon Menus By April Lynn Designs

As important as it is to keep your menus simple, don’t forget to have fun with them! Think of each piece of your wedding stationery as an opportunity to wow your guests. You want them to walk away saying, “That’s so cool!” or, better yet, asking you if they can take their menu home with them.

One idea is to print your menu on something that isn’t traditional stationery.  a napkin, a pastry bag, or even a fan or wine label. You can also tie or wrap menus around things like vases, or fold it up in a napkin.

Consider The Reception Decór


Your menus should complement your reception’s decór, not compete with it. Keep this in mind when you’re picking out your linens, centerpieces, and flowers. Even if you’re using a multicolored motif, pick out two or three colors to use in your menu. You’ll make those colors pop, while elevating your menus’ elegance.

Photos by Ashley Bartoletti Photography and Isabel March Photography

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