Philadelphia Custom Wedding Stationery: What To Do About Table Assignments?

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Whether your wedding is rustic, offbeat, elegant, or designed to reflect the season’s beauty, your guests will need a way to find their tables. You have a few options for execution, and even more options to customize table assignments to fit your wedding. Read on for some ideas and examples.

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Stationery | Garden Wedding Escort Cards

Escort Cards

Guests love escort cards! They’re a little piece of the wedding décor that they can take home with them. They can even double as a favor, if you attach them to something like a jar of homemade jam or a little box of chocolates.

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Stationery | Garden Wedding Escort Cards + Table Numbers

The best part about escort cards is that you can be creative with their presentation! If your wedding has an elegant, classic aesthetic, you can line them up on a table or on top of a framed photo from your engagement session. If you are looking for a more vintage feel, try pinning them to a few rows of clothesline or tucking them into a shutter.

Place Cards

These are similar to escort cards. Rather than being in a centralized location for guests to find their seats, they are at their places already. This prevents guests from crowding around the escort card table, but they may need to wander around a bit before finding their seat.

If you’re having a seasonally-themed wedding, you can attach a place card to a small plant that matches your bouquet at each guest’s place. They can take the plant home as a reminder of the love you shared on your wedding day.

Seating Charts

A seating chart can be a little impersonal, but it is far simpler than either escort cards or place cards. There are plenty of creative options for seating charts, too. You can D.I.Y. your seating chart, or have me make a framed version that echoes the theme of your invitation. Another unique idea is to have it printed on a mirror with vinyl lettering.

Dehondra + Lamar's Seating Chart

When choosing your table assignment method, consider the size of your guest list, your wedding’s theme, and whether or not you want to incorporate favors. Use them as another opportunity to create something completely unique for your special day!

Photos by Isabel March Photography and Wil Reiner Photography.

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