Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Trimming Down Your Guest List


Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Trimming Down Your Guest List

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Trimming Down Your Guest List

When I design a couple’s Philadelphia custom wedding invitations, I often witness the phenomenon of the ballooning guest list! It’s amazing how quickly the number of people you want to invite can add up. It’s common for couples to feel obligated to invite everyone they know, or at least everyone they’re related to… but there are some people that you definitely leave off the guest list.

Here are a few examples of people you don’t have to invite to your wedding:


Even people who are friendly with their exes might feel uncomfortable inviting them to their wedding. That’s okay! You don’t have to, and odds are, they’ll understand. They’d probably feel just as awkward as you would!

Estranged Friends & Relatives

Your wedding is not the place to force reconciliations between people who’ve decided to go their separate ways. If two people on your guest list have cut contact with one another, you should respect that, if only to avoid unnecessary drama. Give them both a call to get a read on whether they can put aside their differences, if only for the duration of your wedding. To avoid taking sides, you might even consider not inviting either party.

Plus Ones

Unless you want a gigantic wedding, plus ones aren’t necessary. Most singles do just fine mingling with other guests on their own. If your wedding will only have a handful of singles, though, you might be able to let each of them bring someone without going over your budget.

Neighbors, Coworkers, & Service Professionals

It might be tempting to invite your hairdresser, your next-door neighbor, and the people you see every day at work, but you’re not obligated to do so! In fact, inviting people with whom you do not have a close, personal friendship can make you seem like you’re fishing for gifts.

Problem Guests

This might be the trickiest item on the list, because chronic problem party guests come in many forms. If you’re closely related, or they’re in a long-term relationship with someone you’re close friends with, it might seem like you have no choice but to invite them. That isn’t the case! One option is to ask another wedding guest to monitor their behavior. However, if at all possible, try avoid inviting them altogether.

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