Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations: Most Common Mistakes

Wedding Invitations

These are some of the most common mistakes people make when designing, ordering, and mailing their Philadelphia custom wedding invitations. Avoiding them could save you a headache, not to mention time and money:

Ordering Too Many Invitations—Or Not Enough

Too many invitations can be just as bad as too few. Remember, not every guest needs their own invitation. Group them by families and households—but remember, roommates or couples living apart still get their own.

Order a few extra invitations to account for late additions, keepsakes, lost invites, and any other problems you might have. You’ll be glad you did!

Missing Typos

I always send my clients proofs so they can make sure everything is spelled correctly, but when you’re reading over something you’ve already read dozens of times, it can be hard to catch mistakes. I recommend that in addition to my eyes and your own, you have a grammatically-savvy friend look over your invitations… just in case!

Incorrect Postage

Wedding invitations are often heavy or oddly shaped. Usually, a 42-cent stamp isn’t enough—but if you don’t remember to check, you might with a hundred invitations back in your mailbox with an ugly red “insufficient postage” stamped across them.

To avoid this, take a stuffed envelope to the post office with you and have them tell you how much postage you’ll need. While you’re there, inquire about hand canceling to make sure your invitations arrive as crisp as when you mailed them.

Using Labels

This isn’t something that will wreck your wedding, of course, but it is tacky. Think of it like dumping ketchup all over a nice filet mignon: it’s not unheard of, but you will get some weird looks.

If you have a small wedding, you can address them yourself for a personal touch–here are a few pointers on how to do that. Otherwise, you should have your envelopes pre-printed or you can ask about our calligraphy services.

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