Philadelphia Custom Stationery: Kimberly's Birth Announcement


Little Kimberly Eve was born in early April of this year. Her mother, Renee, is a good friend of mine. I can’t believe how big Kimberly is now! Eight-month-olds are so incredibly curious and mobile, and it’s hard to imagine how tiny she once was.

This announcement is the perfect reminder of that–it features one of Kimberly’s first photos with accenting in a soft purple. It’s reminiscent of her big sister Lyla’s birth announcement, which I also did back in 2011. I never blogged about it, so I thought I’d include it in this post!

ALH Designs Philadelphia Custom Stationery | Kimberly's Birth Announcement ALH Designs Philadelphia Custom Stationery | Lyla's Birth AnnouncementMark and Renee, you have such a beautiful family! I am honored that you chose me to design not just one, but both of your girls’ birth announcements.

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