My 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

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Happy New Year! As one year ends and another begins, I always plan to spend a day truly reflecting on all that happened since the last first of the year. It’s safe to say, 2016 was an incredible year for my business. I felt I grew as a business owner and as a designer while working with each and every couple who trusted me to design their wedding stationery. I hope 2017 holds much of the same, yet I also hope 2017 is different. Below I’m sharing five things I’m resolving to put into action this year.

1. Create Even More Unique Invitations: I love when couples arrive to their consultations and ask for something unique, something different. It presents the biggest challenge for me as a designer, and it’s one I’m always up for! So far, I’ve designed invitations using wood and acrylic. I ask you, newly engaged couples, what’s next?


2. Design More Venue Illustrations: A fun fact – I LOVE designing venue illustrations! I feel as though I’m visiting the venue while I create a version that’s elegant and lifelike. Plus, I think it’s so unique to place these illustrations on wedding invitations themselves, or even to only use them as envelope liners. It presents a fabulous introduction into your wedding, but also into the place that will always hold so much meaning as you look back on your wedding day years later.


3. Design More in Rose Gold Foil: I’ve mentioned how much I’m drawn to rose gold foil before, and I think metallics will continue to be popular in 2017. They’re always so glamorous, and my goal is to continue to design in metallic colors such as silver, gold, and copper, but using more rose gold is high up there on my wish list! Rose gold looks beautiful when paired with shades of blush, but I also think it would look fantastic with black, gray, or ivory. If you’re incorporating rose gold into your wedding, let’s chat!


4. Design for a Celebrity’s wedding: This is a major “bucket list” goal of mine. I think it would be such a fun task to design an invitation suite for a celebrity’s wedding! I know a few designers who have done this, and the process seems so interesting to me because there’s always more people involved. I feel like the sky would be the limit, and that’s so exciting to me!


5. Continue to Offer Clients the Best Experience Possible: You, my clients, are what make my job a fun, enjoyable, and honorable one to have. I pride myself on responding quickly and efficiently, designing unique pieces you will treasure for years to come, and offering a welcoming place to talk through color palettes and inspiration but also anything else that comes to mind while you’re planning your wedding. Though you may sometimes feel stress is going to win in the end, there are so many people on your side as you journey to your wedding day, including me. I want you to love your wedding invitations, and I hope you will enjoy the design experience just as much!


Now that I’ve told you my top five things I hope to accomplish in 2017 (hold me to it, friends!), I would love to know one or a few of your New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s do this!



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