Michelle + Scott’s Rustic Wooden Wedding Invitation Suite

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When we started brainstorming, Michelle and Scott were quick to note how much they adored Jill and John’s custom wooden wedding invitations. Creating a piece inspired by J+J’s suite was absolutely in order! I opted to again turn to wood engraving. Each piece of the invitation was burned into the wood using a laser, and the end result was the ultimate mix of unique and rustic. It was perfect for guests to easily want to respond with “boot scootin’ boogie” (a resounding yes!).

M+S celebrated their entire wedding day in Delaware. Their ceremony kicked off the day at St. Mary of the Assumption in Hockessin, Delaware. Once they were officially Mr. and Mrs., the couple and their guests relocated to Thousand Acre Farm for their reception.

As a nod to her mom who grew up in Delaware, Michelle and Scott wanted to include ducks in their invitation suite. We opted to place a pair on every piece with a rustic border, and we all loved this detail! Camouflage was the most important textile (aside from the wood!), so we incorporated the texture and pattern into both the envelope liner and the fabric bellyband that held the suite together. We also added twine and a button to the bellyband to complete the look. The custom invitation was placed inside a kraft label, and a wraparound label was added so the invite would be ready for guests to receive in the mail.

I have been looking forward to the moment when I would finally be able to share Michelle and Scott’s custom wedding invitation with you since I began designing it, so I hope you love the photos Lauren Driscoll Photography captured below! Welcome to “the boondocks”!

april_lynn_designs_michelle_scott_camo_wooden_wedding_invitation_rustic_delaware_wedding_thousand_acre_farm2april_lynn_designs_michelle_scott_camo_wooden_wedding_invitation_rustic_delaware_wedding_thousand_acre_farm4 april_lynn_designs_michelle_scott_camo_wooden_wedding_invitation_rustic_delaware_wedding_thousand_acre_farm5 april_lynn_designs_michelle_scott_camo_wooden_wedding_invitation_rustic_delaware_wedding_thousand_acre_farm6 april_lynn_designs_michelle_scott_camo_wooden_wedding_invitation_rustic_delaware_wedding_thousand_acre_farm7 april_lynn_designs_michelle_scott_camo_wooden_wedding_invitation_rustic_delaware_wedding_thousand_acre_farm8 april_lynn_designs_michelle_scott_camo_wooden_wedding_invitation_rustic_delaware_wedding_thousand_acre_farm9 april_lynn_designs_michelle_scott_camo_wooden_wedding_invitation_rustic_delaware_wedding_thousand_acre_farm10 april_lynn_designs_michelle_scott_camo_wooden_wedding_invitation_rustic_delaware_wedding_thousand_acre_farm11 april_lynn_designs_michelle_scott_camo_wooden_wedding_invitation_rustic_delaware_wedding_thousand_acre_farm12april_lynn_designs_michelle_scott_camo_wooden_wedding_invitation_rustic_delaware_wedding_thousand_acre_farm1

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