Melissa + Alex’s Blush and Gold Foil New Year’s Eve Wedding Invitation Suite

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When I think of a New Year’s Eve wedding, glitter and glam always come to mind first. Melissa and Alex felt the same way while planning their December 31, 2015 wedding. They hosted both their ceremony and reception at The Palace at Somerset Park in Somerset, New Jersey – a wonderful choice because their guests only had to travel to one place on the holiday.

While designing M+A’s invitation suite, I knew I wanted to incorporate as much of their blush and gold palette as possible. Each and every invite included gold foil stamping that was printed onto ivory metallic paper. Then the invitation was mounted twice – first onto gold glitter card stock and again onto blush metallic paper. In order to make sure M+A’s suite was as glamorous as possible, I also carried the gold foil stamping over onto their inserts. All of the pieces were held together in by a gold glitter bellyband that also was embossed with M+A’s monogram, wedding date, and a fun touch – New Year’s Eve in script font. And last, but not least, everything was held in a gold glitter lined envelope.

Pop, fizz, clink! I know you’re going to love the images Lauren Driscoll Photography captured of this fun, glamorous wedding invitation suite!

April_Lynn_Designs_Gold_Glitter_Foil_Blush_Wedding_Invitation_New_Years_Eve_Palace_at_Somerset_Park_New_Jersey1 April_Lynn_Designs_Gold_Glitter_Foil_Blush_Wedding_Invitation_New_Years_Eve_Palace_at_Somerset_Park_New_Jersey2April_Lynn_Designs_Gold_Glitter_Foil_Blush_Wedding_Invitation_New_Years_Eve_Palace_at_Somerset_Park_New_Jersey4 April_Lynn_Designs_Gold_Glitter_Foil_Blush_Wedding_Invitation_New_Years_Eve_Palace_at_Somerset_Park_New_Jersey7. April_Lynn_Designs_Gold_Glitter_Foil_Blush_Wedding_Invitation_New_Years_Eve_Palace_at_Somerset_Park_New_Jersey6. April_Lynn_Designs_Gold_Glitter_Foil_Blush_Wedding_Invitation_New_Years_Eve_Palace_at_Somerset_Park_New_Jersey8. April_Lynn_Designs_Gold_Glitter_Foil_Blush_Wedding_Invitation_New_Years_Eve_Palace_at_Somerset_Park_New_Jersey11 April_Lynn_Designs_Gold_Glitter_Foil_Blush_Wedding_Invitation_New_Years_Eve_Palace_at_Somerset_Park_New_Jersey10 April_Lynn_Designs_Gold_Glitter_Foil_Blush_Wedding_Invitation_New_Years_Eve_Palace_at_Somerset_Park_New_Jersey9.

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