How Many Wedding Invitations Should You Order?

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When I meet with couples, we always talk about color palettes, wedding styles, and wording. As the invitation design process progresses, we review proofs, make edits, and finalize the piece before it’s printed and ordered for awaiting mailboxes. However, amongst all of the fun and pretty, we also dive headfirst into so many details as I answer questions and educate couples on wedding stationery. One topic we always discuss together is how many invitations to order. And my answer may surprise you!


I most often work with couples to design one of two types of invitations – digital or specialty paper. I love working with both types of designs; however, the additional quantities I suggest ordering differ for each style. When a couple has chosen a digital invitation, I always urge them to order at least 10 extra invites. In contrast, when I’ve designed a suite printed on specialty paper (think foil stamping, thermography, letterpress, engraving, and more!), I always suggest ordering 15-20 extra sets. Hint: The difference in suggested quantities is simply due to the amount of pieces and printing required for specialty paper invitations. It’s simply best to have more on hand than you may need because they’re so much more difficult to print later in the mailing process when you realize you need extra.


You may think you simply need to order enough invitations to accommodate your guest count. But extra invitations come into play in so many different scenarios. Think about the moment you realize a guest should have been on your list but was left off and you want to invite them. There are also times when an invitation may get lost in the mail or perhaps a guest moved without your knowledge. Plus, your photographer will want to photograph your suite on your wedding day (think about bringing two sets with you!), and you and your parents will also want to save a few for keepsake boxes and, more importantly, framing (just like photos, display your paper!).


There are so many moments when less is more, but there are also moments when more is simply more. Wedding stationery is just one of many more is more moments. It’s always best to have extra on hand because you will feel more confident and prepared for questions from guests and vendors alike! Let’s start working on your invitation design.

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