Mailing Your Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Pink Flower Diecut Wedding Invitation

We’ve been over the design process, when to order your Philadelphia custom wedding invitations and other stationery, and even the ins and outs of addressing your wedding invitations.

There are a few more steps involved once you’re ready to mail everything off! Make sure you cover the following bases:

Stuffing Envelopes

You’ll need to set aside some time to stamp, address, and assemble all of your envelopes. You might as well put on Netflix and make an evening of it! Invite some friends over, or just have your significant other help you.

Traditionally, the invitation itself goes on the bottom, and the smallest insert, usually the RSVP card, goes on top. I always recommend that you put the RSVP Envelope behind all of the inserts. Everything should be situated so that the text is facing outward.

Stamping & Addressing RSVPs

Before you pack them up, make sure you address and stamp your RSVPs! Your guests won’t thank you if they have to do it themselves, and you’ll definitely have trouble getting an accurate headcount. A standard stamp should suffice, since RSVP cards are typically light.

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Purple, Lavender, & Silver Wedding Invitation

Stopping By The Post Office

That’s right—unless you have a scale at home, stop by the post office before you mail your invitations. Ask them to weigh a stuffed envelope so you know how much postage to put on, and while you’re there, inquire as to whether they can hand cancel your invitations.

Hand canceling is a common practice with formal mail, so it shouldn’t be a problem, but it doesn’t hurt to check beforehand. Basically, instead of having your invitations processed and the postage cancelled by a machine that might bend or tear them, the postage is cancelled by hand.

Stamping Envelopes

Your wedding invitations are special. Your stamps should be, too! The USPS sells wedding-themed stamps or you can ask me to have them custom made for you! Don’t forget to order enough for your RSVP envelopes.

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Gold Foil Wedding Invitation With Glitter Bellyband

That’s it! You’re ready to head over to the post office. Make sure you get all of this done six to eight weeks before your wedding date, or even earlier if you’re planning a destination wedding.

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