Lora’s Bridal Shower Invitation

Bridal Shower, Stationery

When Lora’s mom contacted me about designing the invitations for her daughter’s April 3 bridal shower at Estia Restaurant in Philadelphia, she had two requests: a chandelier and an illustration resembling Lora. Always up for a creative challenge, I more than happily obliged and quickly got to work.

I carefully created the illustration of Lora wearing a stunning white dress, and I imagined her standing beneath a gorgeous crystal chandelier. Both pieces were placed onto the front of the invitation, and I repeated the chandelier design on the back. To create an event more dramatic look, each invitation was printed onto black damask. Between the wording, color palette, and unique design, I love how Lora’s bridal shower invitations turned out!

There’s much more waiting for you below thanks, as always, to Lauren Driscoll Photography.

April_Lynn_Design_Bridal_Shower_Invitation_Blonde_Damask_Chandelier2 April_Lynn_Design_Bridal_Shower_Invitation_Blonde_Damask_Chandelier3 April_Lynn_Design_Bridal_Shower_Invitation_Blonde_Damask_Chandelier4 April_Lynn_Design_Bridal_Shower_Invitation_Blonde_Damask_Chandelier5 April_Lynn_Design_Bridal_Shower_Invitation_Blonde_Damask_Chandelier7 April_Lynn_Design_Bridal_Shower_Invitation_Blonde_Damask_Chandelier8

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