Jasmin + Jose’s Notepad Inspired Wedding Invitation Suite

Stationery, Wedding Invitations

Jasmin and Jose requested a notepad inspired wedding invitation, and their design quickly turned into one of the sweetest I’ve created to date! The pair hosted both their ceremony and reception at beautiful Meredith Manor in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. When your ceremony can be hosted outside and your reception inside, the flow of the event (and the change in space!) always works beautifully.

To bring the design to life, I made sure to incorporate lines and a holes at the top to make it seem as though the pages had just been taken from a notepad! Jasmin and Jose’s palette included both mint and pink, so I decided mint would be best suited for the paper’s lines. I repeated this palette choice again for the envelopes. I printed all of the text and my favorite detail – their initials and a heart – in pink. Everything was held together with a pink paper clip! I loved how J+J’s wedding invitations came together for their summer soiree!

Make sure to take a peek at all of the photos Lauren Driscoll Photography captured below.

april_lynn_designs_jasmin_jose_notebook_wedding_invitation_meredith_manor_pottstown_pennsylvania1april_lynn_designs_jasmin_jose_notebook_wedding_invitation_meredith_manor_pottstown_pennsylvania2 april_lynn_designs_jasmin_jose_notebook_wedding_invitation_meredith_manor_pottstown_pennsylvania3 april_lynn_designs_jasmin_jose_notebook_wedding_invitation_meredith_manor_pottstown_pennsylvania4 april_lynn_designs_jasmin_jose_notebook_wedding_invitation_meredith_manor_pottstown_pennsylvania5 april_lynn_designs_jasmin_jose_notebook_wedding_invitation_meredith_manor_pottstown_pennsylvania6 april_lynn_designs_jasmin_jose_notebook_wedding_invitation_meredith_manor_pottstown_pennsylvania7 april_lynn_designs_jasmin_jose_notebook_wedding_invitation_meredith_manor_pottstown_pennsylvania8 april_lynn_designs_jasmin_jose_notebook_wedding_invitation_meredith_manor_pottstown_pennsylvania9

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