Jami + Tom’s Rustic Lace Wedding Invitation Suite

Wedding Invitations

gold foil, navy, peach lace wedding invitation

Located in the western part of beautiful Virginia, Jami and Tom welcomed their guests to The Barn at Kline’s Mill for their wedding on September 26, 2015. The venue is set on acres of stunning farmland, which immediately exudes the feeling of a rustic retreat.

One of Jami’s top pieces of inspiration for her wedding was lace. For their custom wedding invitation I designed a gorgeous peach lace pattern that appears as though it’s organically draped across the top because it runs diagonally. The wedding invitation itself also features gold foil, which is stamped on classic navy cardstock. To tie the gold, navy, and peach color palette together, I digitally printed inserts, such as response and accommodation cards, on neutral cream colored cardstock. While designing their invitation suite, I wanted to honor Jami and Tom’s lovely wedding setting while also creating a suite that exuded timeless, classic charm!

April_Lynn_Designs_Jami_Tom_Rustic_Lace_Gold_Foil_Wedding_Invitation_Barn_at_Klines_Mill_Virginia_1 April_Lynn_Designs_Jami_Tom_Rustic_Lace_Gold_Foil_Wedding_Invitation_Barn_at_Klines_Mill_Virginia_2 April_Lynn_Designs_Jami_Tom_Rustic_Lace_Gold_Foil_Wedding_Invitation_Barn_at_Klines_Mill_Virginia_6 April_Lynn_Designs_Jami_Tom_Rustic_Lace_Gold_Foil_Wedding_Invitation_Barn_at_Klines_Mill_Virginia_3 April_Lynn_Designs_Jami_Tom_Rustic_Lace_Gold_Foil_Wedding_Invitation_Barn_at_Klines_Mill_Virginia_4 April_Lynn_Designs_Jami_Tom_Rustic_Lace_Gold_Foil_Wedding_Invitation_Barn_at_Klines_Mill_Virginia_5

Thank you to Lauren Driscoll Photography for capturing every detail of Jami and Tom’s invitation suite!


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