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Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitation | Script + Serif Font Wedding Invitation

Typefaces are one of those things that all designers love, but the rest of the world typically doesn’t think about all that much. However, when you start deciding on the details of your Philadelphia custom wedding invitations, you’ll definitely need to educate yourself!

Typefaces play a huge part in how your wedding invitations will look. They’ll reflect your personality as a couple and help your guests anticipate the tone of your wedding, as well. All you have to do is decide which typefaces will best represent your aesthetic, and to do that, you need to familiarize yourself with font and typeface terminology:


“Serif” refers to the little tails added to the strokes of each letter, as demonstrated in this great image I borrowed from an article on

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Serif Font Example


Serif typefaces tend to be used in more traditional capacities, especially when it comes to wedding invitations. If you want your wedding to be more on the formal side, combining a serif typeface with a script is a classic choice. Ashley and Chris used a combination of serif and script typefaces on their invitations to their August 2013 wedding.

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitation | Script + Serif Font Wedding Invitation

Sans Serif

Sans serif typefaces are more modern, and are easier to read than serif typefaces if there’s a lot of text or the text is very small. They also look great when combined with more modern, fun script headings, like I did in these invitations I designed for the New Year’s Eve styled shoot I worked on with┬áKatrina Gilbert of Katrina Gilbert Weddings and Events, among others.

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Glitz + Glam Wedding Invitations With Script + Sans Serif Fonts


Most wedding invitations feature some kind of script typeface, whether it’s a scrolling, romantic script or one that’s full of cute, quirky accents. It’s typically not used for anything aside from headings, since script typefaces can be hard to read. Use them to highlight your names and a few more key details, and have the rest in an easy-to-read serif or sans serif typeface.

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Sparkly Pink + Gold Wedding Invitation With Script Font

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