How to Photograph Custom Wedding Stationery

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How to Photograph Custom Wedding Stationery | April Lynn Designs

The final step when I create custom wedding stationery for a couple? Posting pictures on the blog! If I’m lucky, some superstar wedding photographer will send me a few photos, including some shots of my work. A lot of the time, though, I end up doing my own camera work.

I’m definitely not a professional photographer, but I feel like being a designer has lent me a unique perspective on stationery photography. There are a few things that make a great stationery photo. Here’s what I look for when I’m choosing shots to create a blog post:

Photograph Each Piece

Creating visual interest is extremely important , but it’s also important to include each component of the wedding invitation suite in a photo. I typically deconstruct the invitation, arrange the pieces interestingly, and snap them straight on, from above. For variety, I also include a couple of shots of the assembled invitation from different angles. I’ll often take pictures of the pieces individually, too.

Arrange With Other Details

Adding other details from the wedding really takes a wedding stationery photo to the next level! Flowers, jewelry, or other items will add depth and dimension while uniting the invitations with the wedding’s theme. For example, check out the photos of Alexandra and Fred’s pink pearl foil and black lace wedding invitations. A single strand of pearls added a touch of romance to their invitation suite!

Find the Perfect Backdrop

The key to photographing paper products is preventing the photos from looking flat and dull. Placing an invitation on a neat backdrop can turn an uninteresting photo into a stunner! My go-to is glitter paper. After all, I seem to always have some left over. Other great backdrops include bed linens, interesting curtains, fabric, fur, wood, and bunched-up tulle.

Want to see your custom wedding stationery featured on the blog? Make sure you have an extra invitation for your photographer to use. Give me his or her contact information and I’ll put a post together–after you get your photos back, of course!

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