How Much Should You Spend on Custom Wedding Stationery?

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The biggest question in the wedding planning process, besides the one that set everything in motion, is “How much should we spend?” The wedding budget is different for every couple. Not just because of income differences, but because of differing priorities!

The guiding rule should be to spend on what’s important to you, and save on stuff that doesn’t matter as much. It’s your wedding, and no one else’s.

In continuing the discussion that I began with this post a few weeks ago, I’d like to answer a few common budget-related questions:

What should I include in my wedding paper budget?

There are a lot of wedding details that you don’t even notice until it’s time to play your special day! Check out my gallery for inspiration, and to help you decide what you’ll need. Also consider whether you’re likely to use calligraphy, envelope printing, or embellishments like ribbons or rhinestones. And don’t forget to include postage!

What is the standard budget allocation for wedding paper?

I try to steer couples away from comparing themselves with the “average” wedding or with industry standards. Regardless of where wedding paper falls on your list of priorities, there’s simply no need to discuss what everybody else is doing.

The closest estimate I can give is that between 4% and 10% of your wedding budget should go toward paper. If that seems like a big difference, it is! The difference between a higher percentage and  a lower one is whether you’ll only need custom wedding invitations, or if you’d like a custom-designed, cohesive set of wedding paper to put your signature on your entire wedding day.

How much do your services cost?

My services are completely tailored to your needs, and so are my prices. A very basic starting point is a digitally printed, single flat invitation with RSVP cards and a matching envelope. There’s so much that we can add to bring your vision to life. Schedule your free consultation with me, and we’ll get started!

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