Happy 5 to Us!

My Own Story, Wedding Inspiration

I always love when entrepreneurs share the heart behind their brand. It feels like a peek behind the scenes! Rather than posting inspiration about Pantone’s color of the year (it’s coming, don’t worry!) or sharing my latest work, I thought I would share a few photos from my wedding day. It’s this day that continuously inspires me to create new designs for each of my wonderful clients because I know the feeling of inviting all of your closest family and friends to an event that will celebrate your adventure together.

My wedding truly was one of the best days ever. We had so much fun with our photographers, Amanda Young (formerly Swoon Over It) and her second shooter Ashley Bartoletti, and the photos honoring our love of football (my husband is a coach!) are some of my favorites to date. I still remember walking down the aisle with my Dad (I always will), reciting our vows, filling our palette with red, silver, and white, and dancing with our guests on the dance floor. Mitch and I are celebrating fifth wedding anniversary today, and I can’t wait to continue to design our story together.

Below are some of my favorite memories from our wedding album, which I designed myself. Our wedding was held at the Brookside Manor at Somerton Springs.

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