Four Ways to Tie Custom Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations



Unwrapping a wedding invitation isn’t usually as simple as opening the envelope. Most custom wedding invitations have more than one component, so you’ll need something to tie everything together–literally! You have lots of options here, so let’s jump right in:

– For more formal, elegant, or traditional invitations, it’s hard to do better than a custom-printed bellyband. For invitations with a glittery card stock backing, it’s common to tie everything together with a matching glittery bellyband. Since the bellyband is the gateway to your custom wedding invitations, it’s also nice to print them with your names, your date, and a watermark your custom monogram. Bellybands can also be letterpressed with your names and/or  a pattern to match the motif on your invitations.

– Ribbon is a great choice for elegant invitations that aren’t rectangular, like Dehondra and Lamar’s diecut wedding invitations. You can also combine and layer different types of ribbon to add texture and visual interest. A wide, sheer ribbon looks really nice with a thin, glossy ribbon tied in a bow on top of it. For something a little different, you can also punch holes in the flaps of a pocketfold invitation and tie it closed with ribbon.

– Twine is much more versatile as a binding than you might think. Baker’s twine is a colorful, striped cloth twine. It’s perfect for whimsical or vintage-inspired invitations, and it comes in a variety of bright colors. It’s also the perfect width for tying custom-printed tags onto your invitations. Baling twine, on the other hand, is a coarse, brown twine. It lends a more rustic touch, and is perfect for country wedding.

– Lace is extremely versatile, as well. It’s starting to move away from more formal affairs and instead lending itself to shabby-chic weddings. This is especially true when it’s combined with other methods of tying invitations together, like Danyelle and Nick did when they tied their invitations with lace and baling twine.


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