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Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Watercolor Rose Wedding Invitations by April Lynn Designs

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Watercolor Rose Wedding Invitations by April Lynn Designs

Now that the weather’s been nice for a week or two, I think it’s safe to say that spring is here to stay! That means that wedding season is upon us. If you’d like to take your wedding inspiration from the season, spring flowers are the perfect unifying theme.

Flowers can adorn your custom wedding invitations regardless of whether your style is romantic, rustic, or modern. Here are a few ideas:


Nothing says romance like a bouquet of roses!

I’ve made a lot of rose-patterned invitations, and each has a unique spin on the floral motif. One of the most romantic has to be Becca and Paul’s watercolor rose invitations. Paul created the illustrations himself, which I printed digitally and then used thermography to create the raised black lines and text.


Rustic flowers tend to be wildflowers or what other people think of as “weeds”–thistles, dandelions, and Queen Anne’s lace. Debbie and Terry used silhouettes of these flowers to create their charming invitation suite. It was printed using dark purple ink on white-gold paper.

Rustic invitations also tend to make use of unusual materials, and they tend to have more of a DIY feel to them. This post of mine from February makes some suggestions. Dried flowers are a lovely addition, especially when they’re pressed and glued to your invitation. You can collect flowers of your own if you’re outdoorsy, or simply buy them online!


Clean lines and bold colors are a hallmark of modern wedding invitations, as I explained in this post from a while back. It might not seem like flowers could fit into such an aesthetic, but think again! A geometric floral pattern is the perfect addition to an otherwise minimalist, single-card invitation.

Are you going to use flowers as the inspiration for your custom wedding invitations? Tell me all of your ideas in the comments!

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