Erica’s Bridal Shower Invitation

Bridal Shower

There’s something so sweet and undeniably fun about an event that’s a complete surprise for the guest of honor, which is just one of the reasons why today’s bridal shower invitation was such a joy to design! I worked with the bride’s mom, Lori, on the design for the invitation. While we discussed her inspiration, I learned she hoped the invitation could include a dress, lace, jewels, and a note to guests about the surprise event. The simple answer: absolutely!

A tri-fold invitation worked wonderfully for this design. As they opened their invitations, guests were greeted with a die cut dress cutout. In order to make the design even more unique, I chose to create a lace pattern for the dress that was embossed onto the piece. I love how the raised printing enhances the eye catching design, plus it’s the only area on the invitation where lace was incorporated! Within the invitation, all of the details about the shower were printed in purple ink using thermography – raised printing that complemented the embossed lace dress perfectly. White metallic card stock and rhinestones added just the right amount of shimmer to complete Erica’s design, and I sincerely hope both Erica and her mom, Lori, enjoyed a wonderful, surprise-filled day! Erica’s shower was held at the Stone Terrace by John Henry.

If you’re planning a bridal shower, make sure to view Lauren Driscoll Photography’s photos below!

April_Lynn_Designs_Erica_Surprise_Bridal_Shower_Invitation_Lace_Crystal_Jewels_Dress1 April_Lynn_Designs_Erica_Surprise_Bridal_Shower_Invitation_Lace_Crystal_Jewels_Dress2 April_Lynn_Designs_Erica_Surprise_Bridal_Shower_Invitation_Lace_Crystal_Jewels_Dress3 April_Lynn_Designs_Erica_Surprise_Bridal_Shower_Invitation_Lace_Crystal_Jewels_Dress8 April_Lynn_Designs_Erica_Surprise_Bridal_Shower_Invitation_Lace_Crystal_Jewels_Dress4 April_Lynn_Designs_Erica_Surprise_Bridal_Shower_Invitation_Lace_Crystal_Jewels_Dress5 April_Lynn_Designs_Erica_Surprise_Bridal_Shower_Invitation_Lace_Crystal_Jewels_Dress7 April_Lynn_Designs_Erica_Surprise_Bridal_Shower_Invitation_Lace_Crystal_Jewels_Dress6

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