Erica + Dan’s Watercolor Wedding Invitation Suite

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Today’s invitation suite began in the best way – with a collaboration! I love working with area wedding professionals, so I was thrilled to hear Tonia Adleta of Aribella Events thought I might be the perfect fit to design an invitation suite for her clients, Erica and Dan, and their Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts wedding. The couple had a gorgeous custom watercolor illustration painted by Arnaud Faugas for their fete, and highlights of Faugas’s creation included the Liberty Bell, Philadelphia’s city skyline, the couple, and beautiful flowers.

With the illustration as the clear focus, I set out to choose a font that would match it as well as paper that would print the watercolor design beautifully. Each piece featured digital printing on cotton cardstock, and I love how the paper enhanced the watercolor perfectly! The response and accommodations inserts were also printed digitally onto cotton card stock, and all of the pieces were tied together with a bow using purple satin ribbon.

If you can’t tell already, I’m absolutely enthralled with this May 29, 2016 wedding invitation, and I’m over the moon for you to see all of the images captured by my go-to, Lauren Driscoll Photography!

april_lynn_designs_erica_dan_philadelphia_academy_fine_arts_pafa_watercolor_philadelphia_wedding_invitation2 april_lynn_designs_erica_dan_philadelphia_academy_fine_arts_pafa_watercolor_philadelphia_wedding_invitation3 april_lynn_designs_erica_dan_philadelphia_academy_fine_arts_pafa_watercolor_philadelphia_wedding_invitation4 april_lynn_designs_erica_dan_philadelphia_academy_fine_arts_pafa_watercolor_philadelphia_wedding_invitation5 april_lynn_designs_erica_dan_philadelphia_academy_fine_arts_pafa_watercolor_philadelphia_wedding_invitation6 april_lynn_designs_erica_dan_philadelphia_academy_fine_arts_pafa_watercolor_philadelphia_wedding_invitation7 april_lynn_designs_erica_dan_philadelphia_academy_fine_arts_pafa_watercolor_philadelphia_wedding_invitation8 april_lynn_designs_erica_dan_philadelphia_academy_fine_arts_pafa_watercolor_philadelphia_wedding_invitation9 april_lynn_designs_erica_dan_philadelphia_academy_fine_arts_pafa_watercolor_philadelphia_wedding_invitation10

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