Erica + Anthony’s Glitter Thermography Wedding Invitation Suite

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I had so much fun working with Erika and Anthony! When they mentioned they planned to get married at The Ashford Estate in Allentown, New Jersey, I could not get started on their custom wedding invitation design fast enough. The space is beautiful for both ceremonies and receptions, and I love that Erika and Anthony fully utilized the space for both on their wedding day. I cannot say enough about this fantastic venue; however, it’s a Weddings of Distinction venue, so that speaks volumes on its own.

We knew we wanted to create an extra special piece for what promised to be such a glamorous soirée, so glitter was definitely in order! In order to design something a little different, I pieced together a unique triple layer invitation that included a pocketfold on the back for all of the digitally printed inserts. And then there’s my favorite detail: the main piece of the invitation! The invitation included a timeless design on the top and the bottom, and I utilized clear ink and glitter to create it. The purple text was printed using thermography, which allows printing to be raised off of the page. To finish the piece, the invitation layer was mounted on off white iridescent glitter paper that was then layered on top of the metallic pocket.

Don’t you just love the result? I think it’s safe to say you will after you peruse all of the photos Lauren Driscoll Photography captured below!

april_lynn_designs_erica_anthony_ashford_estate_wedding_allentown_new_jersey_luxe_glitter_purple_clutch_wedding_invitation_3-1 april_lynn_designs_erica_anthony_ashford_estate_wedding_allentown_new_jersey_luxe_glitter_purple_clutch_wedding_invitation_2-1 april_lynn_designs_erica_anthony_ashford_estate_wedding_allentown_new_jersey_luxe_glitter_purple_clutch_wedding_invitation_9 april_lynn_designs_erica_anthony_ashford_estate_wedding_allentown_new_jersey_luxe_glitter_purple_clutch_wedding_invitation_8 april_lynn_designs_erica_anthony_ashford_estate_wedding_allentown_new_jersey_luxe_glitter_purple_clutch_wedding_invitation_7 april_lynn_designs_erica_anthony_ashford_estate_wedding_allentown_new_jersey_luxe_glitter_purple_clutch_wedding_invitation_6april_lynn_designs_erica_anthony_ashford_estate_wedding_allentown_new_jersey_luxe_glitter_purple_clutch_wedding_invitation_4 april_lynn_designs_erica_anthony_ashford_estate_wedding_allentown_new_jersey_luxe_glitter_purple_clutch_wedding_invitation_3 april_lynn_designs_erica_anthony_ashford_estate_wedding_allentown_new_jersey_luxe_glitter_purple_clutch_wedding_invitation_2 april_lynn_designs_erica_anthony_ashford_estate_wedding_allentown_new_jersey_luxe_glitter_purple_clutch_wedding_invitation_1

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