Destination Wedding Stationery Design Inspiration


Destination Wedding Stationery | Mexican Tile Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Destination Wedding Stationery | Mexican Tile Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Destination weddings are great! More and more couples are deciding to leave home to get hitched every year. Destination weddings virtually guarantee an intimate ceremony, and they come with a built-in honeymoon, to boot! Plus, there are all the possibilities that destination wedding stationery has to offer:

Save The Dates

Save the dates are advisable for all weddings where guests must make plans far in advance, but for destination weddings, they’re practically a requirement. Invitations are typically sent eight weeks ahead of time, which doesn’t always provide guests with ample warning. To travel abroad, many people need to submit schedule requests to their jobs, buy tickets, update their passports, and even stuff like getting shots, depending on where your destination is.


Lots of couples choose a destination wedding not because they’re in love with a particular location, but because of their love for jet-setting in general. A destination wedding is their opportunity to share their lifestyle with friends and family. If this sounds like you, travel-themed stationery is for you! You can design your save the dates to look like luggage tags, your programs to look like passports, and your invitations to look like tickets. Maps are also aesthetically pleasing on destination wedding stationery. You can include one in your invitation to help guide guests to your ceremony’s location, or make it a motif in all of your stationery


Lots of destination weddings use thematic stationery that announces–or sometimes, hints–at the wedding’s location. Seashells are a great motif for a beach wedding, for example. You can also use a cityscape if you’re getting married in Chicago or New York, or print your invites, programs, save the dates, and other stationery with landmarks. Use the Eiffel Tower for a Paris wedding, Big Ben if you’re inviting your guests to London, the Taj Mahal for an exotic escape to India… you get the idea.

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