Custom Wedding Signage: Signature Cocktails

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Philadelphia Custom Wedding Stationery | Signature Cocktail Sign by April Lynn Designs

Custom Wedding Signage | Signature Cocktail Sign by April Lynn Designs

How will you spice up your wedding reception? Custom stationery is a great way to bring some continuity to each part of your wedding. Using the same colors, fonts, and similar designs on all your pieces of Philadelphia custom wedding stationery will turn your big day into the event of the year! One way to integrate stationery into your wedding reception is through custom wedding signage.

In this post, I discussed ideas for incorporating custom wedding signage into your wedding. Today, I’m going to focus on one of those suggestions: signature cocktails! They’re a fantastic way to entertain your guests, and the signs are just another way to make your wedding your own.

Should You Go Signature?

Not everyone decides on creating a signature cocktail, but it’s a good idea! If you’ll have an open bar, a display of fancy cocktails is a good way to get the party started. You might even introduce some of your guests to their new favorite drink!

A signature cocktail is an even better idea if you’ll be paying for beer and wine only. That way, your guests can drink liquor-based beverages without breaking your bank!


Once you’ve decided you want to have a signature wedding cocktail, you’ll have to decide how you’d like them distributed to your guests. This will inform the kind of signage you’ll need. The method of distribution might depend on your venue. Some will give servers a tray of cocktails to offer guests, which means you’ll need tent cards for the trays, like the one I made for Kate and John last year. Bartenders may also prefer to make the drinks to order, which will require a larger sign at the bar, possibly including a picture and a recipe description. Find out what your options are before you decide!

Choosing Your Cocktail

The big question: what cocktail should you serve? That’s completely up to you! A signature cocktail should represent you as a couple–either something you both love to drink, or based with a liquor you both enjoy drinking. Don’t worry about what your guests like–they can order for themselves! Your signature drink should represent you.

Are you planning on serving a signature cocktail at your wedding? Schedule a consultation with me, and tell me what kind of signage you’ll need!


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