Custom Bachelorette Party Invitations



Traditionally, the maid of honor organizes the bachelorette party. It doesn’t have to be a strippers-and-booze-filled evening of debauchery, unless that’s your cup of tea! A bachelorette party is simply a way for you and your bridesmaids to let off a little steam. How you do that is up to you!

I design custom bachelorette party invitations for my clients from time to time. Here’s a little insight into the etiquette involved in the planning process:

Who Should I Invite?

Bachelorette parties tend to be more intimate than engagement parties, bridal showers, or other pre-wedding gatherings. The bride might only want the bridal party invited, or she might have a few close cousins that she likes to party with. Bachelorette parties are sometimes girlfriends-only, and sometimes not. It depends on the kind of party you’re planning, and the bride’s preference. Bottom line: If you’re planning a bachelorette party on behalf of the bride, get her approval on the guest list first!

What Should We Do?

You have lots of options aside from the usual barhopping and strip club cliche. A casino is a slightly classier option, although gambling all night could put a hole in your pocketbook! Karaoke bars are a fun variation of the normal bachelorette scene, if your bride likes to sing. You could also put a variety of things on your itinerary for the evening and hire a luxury limo to drive you from place to place.

You’re also not limited to one night. Take a couple of days off to go to a weekend spa, or take the girls to an all-inclusive resort. Just remember that the getaway option may not be perfect if you’re inviting a lot of people. It’ll be more expensive and more difficult to schedule.

How Should I Word the Invitations?

The wording for custom bachelorette party invitations is usually more casual. A slogan header, like “One Last Fling Before the Ring”, “Girl’s Night Out”, or “Team Bride” will set the tone for the evening. You can fill in the details below. Make sure you include where and when the event will take place, RSVP information, and mention who will be hosting, should guests have questions.

Are you planning on having a bachelorette party? Tell me about your plans in the comments!

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