Creative RSVP Wording For Your Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

When you have your Philadelphia custom wedding invitations designed, you’ll also need to decide on the wording for your RSVPs. There’s no right way to do this, but there are a lot of options. Do you want it to sound more formal or casual? Traditional, or unique?

The most common ways to word an RSVP are simple. All the guest has to do is fill in the blanks:

The favor of a reply is requested
by (date).
____Accepts with pleasure
____Declines with regrets


Will ______ Attend

However, if neither of these sound like you, there are plenty of fun and creative ways to word your RSVPs. Here are a few ideas:

Thematic RSVPs

If your wedding will have a theme, you might word your RSVPs to reflect that theme. For example, a destination wedding RSVP might have check boxes that say “Packing Sunscreen / Celebrating From Afar”. If you’re getting married at a winery, it might be cute to say something like “You had me at Merlot! / Sorry, Can’t Make it, But We’ll Be There In Spirit.”

Funny Response Cards

A lot of people want to make their guests laugh while they’re filling out their RSVP cards. A classic one is that, in addition to the usual “Accept With Pleasure” and “Decline  With Regret” options, there are also “Accept With Regret” and “Decline With Pleasure” boxes. Another funny one is a play on the “with bells on” idiom:

__Will be there with bells on!
__Will be there, but without bells
__Will be there, still undecided about bells
__Won’t be there, heard people will be wearing bells
__Won’t be there, regardless of bell controversy

Interactive RSVPs

Your RSVPs don’t have to just be for people to tell you whether they’re coming to your wedding!  Mad Libs are increasingly popular, for both RSVPs and other wedding stationery aspects, like guest books. When you create one for RSVPs, simply add a fill-in-the-blank that will allow your invitee to tell you if they’re able to attend.

Other interactive RSVP ideas include a space for song suggestions or a request for words of wisdom to the bride and groom.  People love that little something extra, and you’ll love reading people’s creative responses.

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