Corrie Lynn + Joey’s Destination Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

Corrie Lynn and Joey were married at the Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica on June 27th, 2015. What better way to invite guests to a destination wedding than to send them passports? They weren’t real, of course–just one of my more popular designs for destination wedding invitations.

These “passports” have the U.S. seal, but with the text “the United Marriage of Corrie Lynn Gorman & Joey Andreacchio” instead of “the United States of America”. Inside, Corrie Lynn and Joey included a heartfelt message to friends and family, a passport-style picture of themselves, a palm tree watermark, and all the details of the wedding. The trip’s itinerary is on the back of the invitation.

Corrie_Lynn_Joey_Passport_Wedding_Invitation_Jamaica_1-1 Corrie_Lynn_Joey_Passport_Wedding_Invitation_Jamaica_1-2 Corrie_Lynn_Joey_Passport_Wedding_Invitation_Jamaica_1-32I can’t say I’m not a little bit jealous of Corrie Lynn, Joey, and their guests! Sounds like it was a spectacular wedding weekend. I hope you guys had fun!


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