Cori + Steve’s Philadelphia Themed Wedding Invitation Suite

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Philadelphia themed wedding invitation by April Lynn Designs

Cori and Steve were married on October 9, 2015. They welcomed guests to Cescaphe Event Group’s Down Town Club for both their ceremony and reception. The venue is beautiful because it has a historic vibe, Cescaphe’s fantastic service, and incredible views of the city – the perfect ingredients for a wonderful Philadelphia wedding.

Philadelphia served as the backdrop for Cori and Steve’e relationship. We knew the city had to play a prominent role in every aspect of the invitation suite, which was printed on white shimmery paper. A silhouette of the skyline served as one of my favorite graphic elements of the suite because it’s sleek and modern, plus it also has meaning. The custom map was a great tool for out of town guests because it showed some of the city’s most notable landmarks, but we also included Cori and Steve’s favorite places, including where they met! The map and more was house inside of a pocket fold. I was also thrilled to include the city’s famous LOVE landmark on the bellyband in lieu of a traditional initial monogram to tie all of the pieces together.

April_Lynn_Designs_Cori_Steve_Philadelphia_Skyline_Wedding_Invitation_Cescaphe_Down_Town_Club1 April_Lynn_Designs_Cori_Steve_Philadelphia_Skyline_Wedding_Invitation_Cescaphe_Down_Town_Club2April_Lynn_Designs_Cori_Steve_Philadelphia_Skyline_Wedding_Invitation_Cescaphe_Down_Town_Club4April_Lynn_Designs_Cori_Steve_Philadelphia_Skyline_Wedding_Invitation_Cescaphe_Down_Town_Club5April_Lynn_Designs_Cori_Steve_Philadelphia_Skyline_Wedding_Invitation_Cescaphe_Down_Town_Club6April_Lynn_Designs_Cori_Steve_Philadelphia_Skyline_Wedding_Invitation_Cescaphe_Down_Town_Club7April_Lynn_Designs_Cori_Steve_Philadelphia_Skyline_Wedding_Invitation_Cescaphe_Down_Town_Club8April_Lynn_Designs_Cori_Steve_Philadelphia_Skyline_Wedding_Invitation_Cescaphe_Down_Town_Club9April_Lynn_Designs_Cori_Steve_Philadelphia_Skyline_Wedding_Invitation_Cescaphe_Down_Town_Club10April_Lynn_Designs_Cori_Steve_Philadelphia_Skyline_Wedding_Invitation_Cescaphe_Down_Town_Club11

I loved how Lauren Driscoll Photography captured Cori and Steve’e suite against a black and white backdrop to continue our palette theme!

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