Ana + Ruben’s Letterpress Pocketfold Portuguese Wedding Invitation Suite

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It’s not everyday that I get to say today’s wedding occurred in Portugal, but today is one of those rare days! Ana and Ruben recited their vows at Santuário do Bom Jesus do Monte, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful sanctuary. The same is true of their venue, Quinta Lago dos Cisnes, which I’m convinced can only be described as a complete oasis. Both spaces are stunning, and I strongly encourage you to take a peek at their sites!

With such beautiful locations serving such important roles on their wedding day, I knew Ana and Ruben’s custom wedding invitations required an elegant design that was also completely unique. The couple’s number one request was their invitation needed to be presented in Portuguese. In order to honor their wish even more, I printed each main invitation piece using letterpress. With the luxurious cream colored stock serving as the paper, silver flourishes adding the perfect amount of detail, and purple paper backing each invitation, the piece could not have looked more beautiful!

Of course their suite wasn’t quite complete yet. I printed all of the inserts digitally, and a secondary invitation was designed and printed digitally in English for those who did not speak Portuguese. The silver pocketfold held both the letterpress piece and the inserts, and everything was held together with a metallic purple bellyband. This classic suite would not have been complete without a monogram, which I printed and placed on top of the bellyband as a fitting final touch.

There is so much I adore about this suite, and I cannot wait for you to take a look at Lauren Driscoll Photography’s captures below!

april_lynn_designs_ana_ruben_letterpress_pocketfold_wedding_invitation_silver_gray_purple_portuguese_bilingual_destination_wedding7234 april_lynn_designs_ana_ruben_letterpress_pocketfold_wedding_invitation_silver_gray_purple_portuguese_bilingual_destination_wedding7235 april_lynn_designs_ana_ruben_letterpress_pocketfold_wedding_invitation_silver_gray_purple_portuguese_bilingual_destination_wedding7244 april_lynn_designs_ana_ruben_letterpress_pocketfold_wedding_invitation_silver_gray_purple_portuguese_bilingual_destination_wedding7237 april_lynn_designs_ana_ruben_letterpress_pocketfold_wedding_invitation_silver_gray_purple_portuguese_bilingual_destination_wedding7239 april_lynn_designs_ana_ruben_letterpress_pocketfold_wedding_invitation_silver_gray_purple_portuguese_bilingual_destination_wedding7241 april_lynn_designs_ana_ruben_letterpress_pocketfold_wedding_invitation_silver_gray_purple_portuguese_bilingual_destination_wedding7243 april_lynn_designs_ana_ruben_letterpress_pocketfold_wedding_invitation_silver_gray_purple_portuguese_bilingual_destination_wedding7238 april_lynn_designs_ana_ruben_letterpress_pocketfold_wedding_invitation_silver_gray_purple_portuguese_bilingual_destination_wedding7242 april_lynn_designs_ana_ruben_letterpress_pocketfold_wedding_invitation_silver_gray_purple_portuguese_bilingual_destination_wedding7240


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