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Your save-the-date card or invitation is the first glimpse of your wedding that your guests will see. The print method you choose should reflect the formality or casualness of your wedding day. Here at ALH Designs, we offer a variety of print methods to suit your personality, budget and theme.

Digital printing (flat printing) is a very popular method to print large or small quantities of wedding invitations for a very reasonable cost. Some brides use a combination of print methods, such as using letterpress for their invitation and digital for their reply card, menu, or other items.

Photo by Melania Marta Photography.  Stand by PNZ Designs.

Screen Printing

Also known as silkscreening, screen printing involves exposing a mesh screen with an image; ink is then passed over the screen and goes through to the paper only where the image area is. The process is repeated if multiple colors are being used. It is a fabulous technique for printing solid, opaque colors on dark paper.


Thermography was invented as a more affordable alternative to engraving. Ink and resin powder are fused onto the paper by heat, resulting in raised text similar to engraving, but without the bruise on the indentation of the paper. Has a waxy look and doesn’t show metallic inks as well as engraving.

The printing type in letterpress wedding invitations dates back to the Gutenberg Bible, but these days it is an art form that’s lending itself to everything from contemporary design to old-style text only invitations. Individual metal letters are set into blocks one at a time to create the wording. More modern methods create photopolymer plates for each invitation piece. The plates are inked and pushed into the paper creating letterpress’ characteristic indented feel. Each color requires a separate pass through the printer. With letterpress printing, it’s also possible to use unusual and highly textured papers unlike some other printing methods. Super heavy papers like museum board show off deep indentations.

Foil stamping

The brilliant colors of foil stamping will give your invitation an unmistakable elegance. Foil stamping can also be done with matte foils, a preferred method to print on dark papers. Whether you want gold, silver, copper or another color, we can make your invitation shine!


Engraving is the most traditional invitation method. It involves the design being etched in reverse into a copper plate, which is coated with ink, then wiped clean so that the ink remains only in the carved lines. Paper is then pressed against the plate and into the inked indentation.


ALH Designs has experience with all of the printing methods listed above. Please contact us for a free consultation so we can discuss your upcoming stationery designs.

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