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Philadelphia Bridal Shower Invitations | Wine-Themed Bridal Shower Invitation By April Lynn Designs


Traditionally, the bridal shower is is hosted and organized by someone other than the bride. However, if you’re having Philadelphia custom wedding invitations made, you may want your Philadelphia bridal shower invitations to match! I design all aspects of a wedding stationery suite, including bridal shower invitations. Even if your maid or honor or the groom’s mother is hosting, you can still have a hand in the planning stages!

Surprise Showers

Of course, some shower hosts like to surprise the bride with her shower. If you suspect that’s the case, drop the hint about stationery early! She and I can coordinate behind your back, so to speak, without giving the game away.

The Guest List

Unless you’re having a destination wedding, your bridal shower guest list should only consist of people who are also attending the wedding. However, not every female guest needs an invite! It’s usually more intimate and fun if just the bridal party and close friends and family are there. Send the host a spreadsheet of those you’d like to invite so they can keep track of responses.

Ordering + Sending

You have a bit of flexibility about when to have the bridal shower, but one month prior to your date is typical. Keep in mind that you’ll need to have the bridal shower invitations designed, approved, printed, and addressed. They should be sent one month before the date of the shower.

The Registry

Registry etiquette is tricky, but most experts agree that it’s encouraged to mention where you’re registered on the bridal shower invitations. A bridal shower is largely about gifts, after all–people rarely see a registry as greedy by that point, unless you have separate registries for your engagement party, shower, and your wedding. It’s also not a good idea to register at more than three places–if you want to request items from a bunch of different locations, try using a site like It’s basically the Pinterest of registries, allowing your guests to purchase any of your items without leaving the site!

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