A Night for the Fight Gala Invitation

Event, Stationery

I’m always honored when I’m asked to design a piece for a charity gala, such as Night for the Fight. The gala was held at The Baldwin School on the Main Line in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania on March 5, 2016 to benefit Fox Chase Cancer Center.

Because the gala was an elegant affair, I opted for a classic black script font. Every piece of the invitation was printed digitally onto light gray card stock. This type of invitation was a folded invitation, which featured a tear-off response card. Everything was mailed in a gray envelope. One of the most unique features of this design was the RSVP card. Guests could easily tear off the card and return it with their response – I hope to incorporate this more for galas and corporate events!

I was thrilled to hear the event was a success, and I’m always happy to share photos captured by Lauren Driscoll Photography.

April_Lynn_Designs_Night_for_the_fight_Gala_Invitation2 April_Lynn_Designs_Night_for_the_fight_Gala_Invitation3 April_Lynn_Designs_Night_for_the_fight_Gala_Invitation4 April_Lynn_Designs_Night_for_the_fight_Gala_Invitation5 April_Lynn_Designs_Night_for_the_fight_Gala_Invitation6 April_Lynn_Designs_Night_for_the_fight_Gala_Invitation8 April_Lynn_Designs_Night_for_the_fight_Gala_Invitation9 April_Lynn_Designs_Night_for_the_fight_Gala_Invitation10 April_Lynn_Designs_Night_for_the_fight_Gala_Invitation7 April_Lynn_Designs_Night_for_the_fight_Gala_Invitation11 April_Lynn_Designs_Night_for_the_fight_Gala_Invitation12 April_Lynn_Designs_Night_for_the_fight_Gala_Invitation13 April_Lynn_Designs_Night_for_the_fight_Gala_Invitation14 April_Lynn_Designs_Night_for_the_fight_Gala_Invitation15




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