A Glossary Of Philadelphia Wedding Stationery Terms

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Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Glitz + Glam Wedding Invitations With Script + Sans Serif Fonts

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Glitz + Glam Wedding Invitations With Script + Sans Serif Fonts

Philadelphia wedding stationery design can be a jargon-heavy industry. I realized that neophytes might need a glossary of commonly-used terms to help them get up to speed:


I explained a few commonly used printing techniques in a previous post. Here are a few more terms that you might hear thrown around:

– Die: An etched metal plate used to create engraved or embossed images and type.

– Embossing: A printing process that uses two die to raise letters and images on the paper’s surface.

– Laser Cutting: A printing process that uses a laser to cut out words or design details on invitations.


I posted a quick introduction to typefaces and fonts here, but for more of an in-depth discussion, familiarize yourself with the following terms:

– Font: This term is often used interchangeably with “typeface”, but in actuality it refers to one weight, width, and style of a typeface.

– Initial Cap: Also known as a “drop cap”, this term refers to the oversize first letter of a word you sometimes see used in a decorative typeface.

– Typeface: Often referred to as the “font”, this term refers to the style and appearance of a character or letter.


– Backer: Usually made of cardstock, the backer is the colored piece of paper that your invitation is displayed on top of .

– Stock: A term used to describe the thickness of paper.

– Tooth: This term refers to the texture of paper. The more tooth a paper has, the rougher it is to the touch.


Most invitations are presented in envelopes, although for a more luxe presentation, you might opt for a boxed invitation. Other options include:

– Bifold: This presentation is more commonly used for greeting cards, but it works for wedding invitations, too.

– Gatefold: An invitation with two panels that meet in the center.

– Trifold: An invitation that is folded into three panels, brochure or accordion style.

– Pocketfold: A folded invitation with pockets on the inside to hold response cards and other enclosures.

Design Treatment

I’ve referenced the following in plenty of posts, but for a

– Belly Band: A ribbon, piece of paper, or piece of lace that wraps around the invitation to hold all the components together.

– Monogram: Many couples use a custom-designed monogram using their new initials as a wedding motif.

– Motif: A recurring theme used throughout a wedding’s details, including your invitations and other wedding paper.

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