5 Tips for Styling Your Wedding Stationery

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During the final weeks of wedding planning, you will want to start to gather all of your details together for your wedding day. One piece you won’t want to forget: your wedding stationery! Have you seen photos of stationery styled alongside veils, rings, shoes, and more? The photos always look stunning because they represent your most-prized wedding day details that, together, tell your unique story. However, in order to have beautiful styled photos of your wedding stationery, you will want to take note of my top five tips. Keep reading below for more!


1. Save Your Suite: Not only do I hope you will save your wedding invitation because it’s yours, I also encourage you to put one of your extra sets away. When you do, make sure all of your pieces are included! A suite that has never been mailed or rarely handled is far less likely to now have imperfections than one mailed through USPS, which means your photographer will capture beautiful shots of it. Another tip: group your invitation with an extra save-the-date, ceremony program, and any other stationery you will have at your celebration! A photo with all of your pieces together is such a unique capture to have!


2. Consult with Your Photographer: Communication is key before, on, and after your wedding day, and you will want to loop your photographer in on your stationery photo plans! Most photographers will gravitate towards capturing all of your beautiful details when they first arrive, so remind your pro that you have the complete suite on hand. An even better idea: place your stationery near your other wedding details. By doing this, your photographer will be able to style all of your pieces together!


3. Ask for Additional Flowers: When reviewing your final floral details or even before that moment, contact your florist to ask if she can bring additional blooms or greenery with her when she drops off your bouquets and boutonnieres. Adding florals and greens to any photo always makes it come to life even more because you’re adding color and texture! Your stationery will simply pop.


4. Research Backdrops: If you don’t love the flooring or potential backdrops your photographer may use while on site at your venue, pick up fabric from a craft store (neutrals and white always looks beautiful because they reflect light!). I also love the charger used above! Another idea is to give your photographer your stationery to photograph before your wedding in their studio or just after.


5. Bring Additional Details: Not only are backdrops and flowers important when capturing your stationery, but so are other small details. Try to set pieces such as your veil, hair piece, and ring box aside so they can be captured with your stationery! It’s always fun to add additional details, such as ribbon, that you have used throughout your wedding. Anything that adds coordinating color and texture is always a great idea!

A custom stationery suite looks beautiful when styled in photos and framed in your home. Let’s talk about your suite!

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