Where To Put Your Escort Card Table?

Escort Cards

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Stationery | Snowy Winter Wedding Escort Cards by April Lynn Designs

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Stationery | Snowy Winter Wedding Escort Cards by April Lynn Designs

A while back, I gave a rundown of your options when it comes to directing guests to their seats. They’ll start looking for their chairs as soon as they walk into the reception venue–might as well make them easy to find! Custom escort cards are a nice way to do this. The right display can add a little something extra to your reception decor, too!

Here are a few ideas for displaying your escort cards in a way that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing:

  • Large guest list? Try two tables! That way, everyone won’t be crowding together, pushing and shoving.
  • Use a round table and line your escort cards up in a starburst pattern, radiating out from the center to the edges of the table.
  • Another round table idea: arrange the cards in a spiral pattern.
  • Don’t be afraid to integrate other decor–floral arrangements, candles, and centerpieces!
  • Fall wedding? Nestle your custom escort cards in a pile colorful leaves. You can gather them from outside or buy themĀ at a craft store.
  • Natali and Bob had a gorgeous winter wedding. They used birch rounds to hold their escort cards. You could do this with birch or another type of wood, or use cork.
  • Another great winter wedding idea is to put your escort cards on a bed of fake snow.
  • Edible escort cards are always appreciated! Macarons are elegant and beautiful, and mini doughnuts are cute and quirky. You can attach your escort cards to toothpicks and stick them into whatever treats you decide on!
  • For a smaller reception space, go vertical! Use a cork board, an old windowpane, or a magnet board to hold your escort cards.
  • Antique keys make wonderful escort cards if you attach them to tags with guests’ names and table information. Hang them from a jewelry stand for a little extra vintage charm!

Were you thinking of using escort cards at your wedding? Let me know, and we can start designing them together!

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