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Philadelphia Wedding Stationery |Rustic Lace Wedding Invitation by April Lynn Designs

Philadelphia Wedding Stationery |Rustic Lace Wedding Invitation by April Lynn Designs

Rustic weddings have been all the rage for a couple of years now. The trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down! Barn receptions, mason jars, buntings, string lights–all of these elements are making appearances in rustic weddings. Rustic wedding invitations have some very distinctive features. You can always tell when you’re holding the invitation to a rustic wedding in your hands!

Here are a few ways you can add some rustic charm to your wedding invitations:

Rustic Type

The elements that put a typeface into the “rustic” category are hard to pinpoint. It’s pretty open-ended, which means you have a lot of options! Papyrus has become overused to the point where it’s lost its impact. However, Skia, Palatino Sans, and Galahad all have a similar organic feel without being cliched.

Rustic Colors

Kraft brown is a staple of the rustic wedding invitation suite! You can use kraft paper for the invitations themselves, or just the color as a jumping-off point for your wedding palette. Danyelle and Nick paired it with sea green and cream, but its versatility means it can be combined with just about any other color. Pastels and other muted shades are perfect for a rustic wedding! You could even use a combination of darker and lighter browns for a vintage-inspired color story.

Rustic Assembly

Rustic wedding invitations are great because of all the unique materials that can be used to decorate them! Lace, twine, burlap, doilies, dried flowers, and even wood are wonderful rustic accents. Bind your invitations with any of the above–Danyelle and Nick used a combination of lace and twine. Paper doilies can dress up a kraft paper invitation, and you can tie them around the invitation with yarn or string.

Are you planning a rustic wedding? Let’s schedule a consultation and talk about your ideas for your wedding invitations!

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