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Wedding Programs

Philadelphia Custom Stationery | Tiffany Blue Damask Fan Program

Last week, I explained why wedding programs are a must–but just because they’re essential Philadelphia wedding stationery doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them! Deciding how to format your programs should be more fun than choosing fonts or deciding which way they should fold. You can make them fun for your guests, too!

There are lots of ways to creatively enhance your wedding programs. You can make them more interesting by adding an interactive component, and you can even create them so that they can be used as something other than a program! Check out a few of these unique and creative wedding program ideas:


These are utilitarian as well as informative. If you have a summer wedding with an outdoor ceremony, your guests will definitely thank you for providing them with something to keep them cool. I made fans for Jasmine and Fred’s wedding in Mississippi back in 2012 in Tiffany blue and white with a damask design.

Philadelphia Custom Stationery | Tiffany Blue Damask Fan Program

Cootie Catchers

Remember those fortune teller things you learned to make in elementary school? Turns out, they make fabulous–and kitschy–wedding programs! You simply put the wedding ceremony details under the flaps instead of silly predictions about the future. Your guests will love them!

“So You’re Going To Sit Through A Wedding…”

Let’s face it: wedding ceremonies aren’t the best form of entertainment there is, especially if you’re not close with the extended family. Some people like to give their guests a little something extra with their program, whether it’s including a little bio about the wedding party or adding a word search.

Snack Containers

You can have your programs printed on virtually anything, including snack containers! Munchies like candy and popcorn will delight your guests, and the containers they’re in can inform them about what’s going on during the ceremony.

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